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One of the greatest Human Rights advocates in history was Mahatma Gandhi. The Indian humanitarian stated, “The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members.” District 10 is a large area of contradictions ranging from having some of the most affluent members of Orange County to people who are living in third world conditions. How do we handle this in the world’s most “visited county?”

First, we need a Congressperson who understands the issues as well as the significant logistics of the district to national development. That is, the congressional advocate must be well read, informed and able to analyze and conceptualize vast amounts of material in short periods of time. Congressional leadership is not an internship or learn on the job activity. It is a position that you must be ready for. Preparation comes from long hours of educational development, professional managerial exercises, and being tough to fight aggressively for the people that you represent.

District 10 covers 516 square miles with a population of 900,000. It is a diverse community that is comprised of 38.7% White, 28% Black, 24.9% Hispanic and 5.1% Asian. In addition, the district also has a large and vibrant Muslim community as well as a growing African population. Within this context the medium household income level of the residents is $56,000 with many being professionals, entrepreneurs, and blue-collar workers. District 10 deserves to have a person who can seriously represent this demographic.






Industrial Development

The Service Industry is the major employment base for the underclass in the district. We must bring manufacturing to these areas for real economic stability and mobility.

Health Care Equity

Thousands of our fellow neighbors are not privy to affordable and acceptable healthcare. Scores of Orange County residents are dying daily from preventable diseases and illnesses.

Expansion of Industrial University Complex

We must invest greatly in high tech industries that cover areas such as medicine, food development, nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, and Artificial Intelligence.

Increase Homeownership

Homeownership is a vehicle for building generational wealth. We must not only encourage ownership; but establish equitable means that will allow families to establish the American dream.

Environmental Equity

We must establish a balance that will preserve Florida’s beautiful nature with population development. We must establish modern infrastructure mechanisms for water treatment throughout the district.

Educational Reforms

Schools in Orange County have an average ranking of 5/10, which is in the bottom 50% of Florida schools. This is unacceptable. We must reestablish core educational fundamentals while creating classroom learning free from immoral chaos that will allow teachers and students to function as partners in the learning process.

Preservation of Florida Lands

Hundreds of animal wildlife and thousands of various insects and plants have become extinct. We
must invest in the preservation of lands that allow wildlife to flourish.

Reduction of Military Complex Influence

We must change the narrative of global wars. Simply, every fight is not our fight; every war
is not our war. We must close some of the 800 military bases that the US has globally.

Increased Trade with Global South

Simply put. It is better to trade and have friends than it is to sanction and have enemies.

Radical Immigration Reform

Undocumented immigration is not a favorite of any government. A sensible and a balanced immigration policy must be developed that respects the integrity of both—American citizens and asylum seekers.

Protection of Viable Whistleblowers

We must offer a safe place for individuals who expose the illegalities of government organizations, agencies, and civil servants.

Highway/Traffic/Public Transportation Reforms

The Sun Rail train system must be extended to all regions Orange County seven days a week and 24
hours a day.

Public Safety Enhancement

Enhanced training of public safety professionals and greater community engagement.

Food Equity

300,000 people in Orange County, Florida do not know where their next meal is coming from. Ending food insecurity is a top priority.

Destruction of Sex Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Florida rivals California and Texas as the top states for sex trafficking and modern slavery. Orange County is listed as one of the nation’s most prolific regions for this evil. Human trafficking must be stop by all available means.

Homelessness Reforms

Everyone deserves a decent and affordable living space. On average 1700 people go homeless in District 10 everyday.

Radical War on Illegal Drugs (Opioids, Fentanyl, Cocaine, Zombie pills)

Orange County is amid a drug epidemic. Everyday someone in District 10 is going to the hospital due to an overdose from an illegal drug. The crisis is part of a national phenomenon that is destroying communities.

National Gun Management Reforms

For over twenty years the House and the Senate via Democrats and Republicans have spared over gun reform. However, not one federal political leader has offered a creative and straightforward plan to handle this problem. Their linear thinking has divided the nation on this issue.

Prison and Release Reforms

There must be a clear path for reformation back into society for individuals who have paid their price to society. Florida has the third largest inmate population in the United States. As it stands now—it is a revolving door for inmates and ex inmates.

Justice and Equality

To reaffirm that the United States Constitution establishes rules and justice to all people regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and national origin.

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