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America's Hidden Agenda: The Quiet Push for a Military Draft Amidst Domestic Distractions

While most of America was debating the Trump-Biden docudrama, and getting prepared for Juneteenth celebrations your US Congress quietly passed a bipartisan $895billion military package that included a military draft measure. That is, Dem. Chrissy Houlahan reintroduced the military drafting of men between the ages of 18 to 26.

The Bill is very troubling. The US has military troops in the European Union, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and in the neighborhood of Haiti. Several Congresspersons and Senators and in a sublime manner the President are pushing for American military intervention in the previous stated areas.

Also note, 44% of the military personal are Black and Brown people, mostly males and 52% are underclass White Americans.These are the most vulnerable and perishable of the American community. It is not an accident that the bill also called for a 19% wage increase for unlisted men.

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