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Prevent Global Catastrophe: Elect Leaders Who Prioritize Peace

The Doomsday Clock is 90 seconds to midnight. That is, we're 90 seconds away from a nuclear war. The President with a nod from Congress has just given another $400M to Ukraine. In the last 10 days the President and both houses agreed that American missiles given to Ukraine can be deployed to hit targets inside of Russian territory. President Putin responded that if the USA and NATO employ that tactic all of Central and Western Europe are legitimate targets for the Russian military. Now, that brings up Article 5 in the NATO agreement. That is, an attack on one is an attack on all members of the organization.
President Zelensky of Ukraine and political warmongers like Lindsey Graham have been itching for a global war. Zelensky who has become a dictator whose policies have led to the death of 700,000 Ukrainian troops and Graham whose mind, body and soul is stuck in the Cold War Era, and Biden who will do anything to stay in the Oval Office is leading the nation and world into a global catastrophe that will end life as we know it.
Lastly, the congressional leaders have demonstrated that they are oblivious to global politics and the concerns of the American people. All of them are showing signs of following the lies of their colleagues while ignoring the will of the people. A brief history-- lies got us into the Vietnam War--58,000 American troops died; the Iraq War--600,000 civilian died; and the Ukraine proxy war--700,000+ Ukrainian soldiers have died. In a global war millions will die.
Friends, the stakes for this congressional and presidential election are high. There may not be a second chance.
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